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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Descriptive Writing

In response to a Home Learning option that required some descriptive writing, Hannah shared this description of Hagrid:

As soon as I saw him I knew he didn’t fit in. Standing twice as tall as a normal man and at least as wide, his humongous figure towered over me like a pine sapling, his shadow casting me into eternal darkness and banishing me to the world of cold. Cascading down his back was a mane of grizzly brown hair that could have easily been mistaken for a big shaggy dog for it seemed to growl at me as I stood there paralyzed. My eyes trailed off to his fur coat that was so big that it probably came from a mammoth. Sitting on his enormous hips was a magnificent belt, with a gleaming buckle that shone like the moon; hanging at his sides were gigantic arms with hands bigger than dinner plates. Covering his enormous feet were boots big enough for elephants; they were splattered with mud as if he had just come from a garden. Suddenly my eyes lifted to his face and, though barely visible through a forest of matted hair, I saw something in his eyes that relieved me from all my fear. Suddenly his eyes darted to me and he said in a voice like thunder, 
“ ‘Ello there.” Unable to think of anything else to say I simply said,
‘What is your name?” He then replied in a voice that was booming but gentle... 
‘I’m … Hagrid.”

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Home Learning Term 1 weeks 10 & 11

Attached is the Home Learning assignment for the last two weeks of term. Please note it is due on Wednesday 11 of week 11.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Home Learning Term 1 Weeks 8 and 9

Click on this link to download the Home Learning assignment for term 1 weeks 8 and 9. It is also available on G-Suite Classroom.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

From a Shoe's perspective

Rafting from a shoe’s perspective!

The ground was soggy. It squelched against my sole. Amelia took me and my
brother off her feet. Phew!  We hoped she would leave us off until she came back
from the river, but no luck. She returned, saying she had to wear her shoes in the
water. We were devastated! She slipped us on, all dry, but we knew that soon we
would be the opposite of that. Amelia wore us across the rocky river bank.
"Oh, I don’t want to get wet!"  my brother complained.
"Well, we’re about to!" I replied.
Amelia slowly stepped into the muddy water. It was freezing! She ambled
deeper and deeper into the river. Soon, we weren’t as cold as before. Amelia
jumped onto the raft, with us still dangling in the water, and the raft sped down
the rapids. The river splashed against her legs above us. Then my brother’s sole
curved in - it did that when he was scared.
I looked where he was looking, below the water. I realised why his sole hunched
… it was really deep. We couldn’t see the bottom. But after the raft drifted for a
while, the water became shallower, and we could see the grey stones of the river
bed. I knew my brother was relieved because his sole straightened.
We were near the shore. Amelia heaved the raft to the bank. She hopped off and
onto the rocks. We were so happy it was over. Then Amelia shouted something
that made both our laces shake…
“Let’s go again!”
by Amelia

Squishy squelchy, she pushed me into the mucky water soaking me right through. What was that at the underneath me? I wondered. I didn’t want to be here, what was this person doing to me... filling me up with water? I tried to annoy her by pushing grit and gravel onto her sole but she was very persistent. Suddenly I could breathe again. She had surfaced me from the river but then she began to kick, knocking me hard against the branches surrounding the tyres.
by Jorja

Sunday, 11 February 2018